All Star Darts Quick Review

Review by Matt Dunn

Looking for a solid darts game for the iPhone? Although not exactly rich with features, All Star Darts is well-made, and has some great controls.

All Star Darts features two modes of play. One is the standard 301,501,701 game, where your job is reduce your score to zero based on what you score with each round of three darts. The other, called Round the Clock, requires you to start with 1, and hit all the numbers through 20 in sequential order (and the outer and innter bullseye after). You drag your dart over the board and drop where you want to aim. Then flick your finger (or drag it quickly) up to throw the dart. Based on the speed of the flick, you will throw farther or shorter. If you take too long, your dart falls short.

Presentation & Graphics:

Board looks great, and animations are good. Nothing too fancy or flashy, but solid nonetheless.


Only looping menu music, and a very few sound effects. However, there is some excellent ambient noise that gives a nice feel of playing in a real bar. It’s a nice touch, with some fun “ooos”, “aaahs”, and even booing when you lose to the computer. :)


Controls are good, and challenging. However, when I challenged my wife, she was able to pick it up very quickly, and we had some good fun. It’s straight up darts, and this game shines in giving the controls a very tight feel. As a nice touch, if you swipe to the side rather than up, your dart will veer off course in that direction.

Game life:

Challenging a friend is fun, but only can be done on one phone. Only two game modes (missing a couple other Darts variations), and no leaderboards. It’s a descent enough game to keep you entertained off and on, despite lack of a ton of features.

Game rating:

Final word:
Dart fans will definitely find something to like in All Star Darts. Even though it may lack a bit in features, and in long-term play, the game itself plays really well, and looks good. Casual players may find the gameplay a bit dry… but hey, it’s darts. At $0.99, it’s priced about right for this kind of game.

Dev Update (12/12):
- We’re putting an update up to Apple today with an extra mode and another difficulty level.
- We’ll also be adding a tournament mode and online multiplayer in the new year.

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  • iPGN-Nige

    yeah they should add pub classic ’round the clock’ mode. 1-20 then the bullseye to finish. 1st to finish wins.

  • iPGN-Matt

    haha they have that mode you noob. (see above review) ;)

  • Tag Paul

    Hah hah Nigel ya nutter – we do have round the clock in the game and the new update will add cricket as well. Plus for everyone saying that they are experts now a PRO mode for a real tough AI opponent!