Alien Vs. Predator: Evolution coming 2013

Details, screens and art from FOX Digital Entertainment’s upcoming Sci-Fi actioner on iOS and Android…

AVP: Evolution brings together two of sci-fi/horror’s most iconic characters in a 3rd person action-shooter/melee combat title, and promises to offer up a visually stunning gaming experience where you can upgrade characters to become the ultimate killing machine. AVP: Evolution is developed by Angry Mob Games (Guerrilla Bob, Muffin Knight and PREDATORS) and is targetting a Q1 2013 release on iOS and Android.

• Play as an Alien & Predator: Two distinctive gaming experiences, incorporating unique characters with numerous abilities
• Rich Sci-Fi Universe: A gripping campaign draws players deeper into the world of AVP: EVOLUTION
• 5 Unique Environments & 24 Levels: Kill or be killed as you advance through the Temple Arena, the Marine Base, the Alien Hive, and more!
• Upgradeable Characters: Create your own ultimate killing machine with character upgrades and enhanced abilities
• Unity Graphics Engine: Rich detail, advanced character models and distinctive lighting

Look out for more details AVP: Evolution, but in the meantime check out these in development screens and art:

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  • Game Center Games

    The graphics looks like they are going to be amazing. :]