Alien attack review

This game pays tribute to a very well known game from Taito called Space Invaders. They are both games where chasing high scores is the name of the game. You have a lone space ship at the bottom of the screen and you got to defend versus the aliens attacking in waves from above. At your disposal you have you single laser firing when you tap the screen alternatively the back of the case. There are also barricades that both your and the aliens fire blast away which means you got to be quick in shooting the aliens before they shoot you or reach earth. The aliens only have two different patterns they move and the only difference between levels is the speed with which they move. All in all this is a nice retro stroll down memory lane and I find it fun to play in short bursts but it has got too fierce competition for my attention to make it really stand out. If you are looking for Space Invaders on your Iphone/Ipod this is a whole lot cheaper than the original from Taito. That said it has got some shortcomings in the graphics and sound department as you can see below. I like retro but I love to see remixed versions like Galaga and Pole Position where the game is tweaked a bit to look and play like it is 2009.

The developer Joel Rosenzweig seems to be dedicated to updating Alien Attack and it is reviewed using version 1.4.


alienattack1Presentation & Graphics

As retro as it gets and it is supposed to look simple, but I would want some graphical effects and more vivid explosions.


The weakest point aspect of the game and I would like to be able to have my own Ipod music but it fades out upon starting the game. The sound effects are simple and true to the game it pays tribute to. When you have just a few aliens left the sound speeds up and becomes incredibly grating and annoying.

It is fun to play in bursts and I like the fact that there are a whole bunch of options that are found in the Iphone/Ipod settings. Touch controls are a bit slow as there is no multi touch. It is easier to use tilt because then you can shoot and move at the same time. There is also the option to shoot by tapping the back of the phone and that is a cool and to me quite useful feature as it makes the game easier to play with one hand on the go. I don’t like the fact that there is no saving of the game after you get a phone call. You have to get a proper game over to get your score registered.

If you like the game this pays tribute to you will love this game and there is a true value here as there is an online leader board that can keep you busy for a long time trying for ever higher scores.

Final Rating

It is not my cup of tea but for those in for a bit of true retro gaming goodness this might be a way better alternative to the more expensive game it pays homage to.

Alien Attack – $.99

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    not for me!!! i dont like retro too much.

  • Rock $ Rolla

    looks boring