Alice in Wonderland – An Adventure Beyond the Mirror review

Oh Alice, dear Alice. You have been running around chasing rabbits all my life, and you seem intent on keeping up this unruly behaviour. White rabbits might be sweet and all but please get an iPod Touch instead. It is much safer than venturing into the Wonderland.  But I understand the draw, the excitement of the unknown. Who wouldn’t want to talk to rabbits, cats and meet the Mad Hatter. Of course the Red Queen is there to disturb the peace. In Alice in Wonderland you have to help Alice to get out of Wonderland.

img_0402I have always loved the surreal writing of Lewis Carrol, and now I get to play as the characters of the novel. I have done so in the past as well for the PC in American McGee’s Alice. Now with a new Disney remake of Alice in Wonderland it is understandable that a game surfaces. Movie tie-ins tend to be quite poor, but in the case of Alice in Wonderland the movie has to be quite spectacular to beat the game. From what I have seen though the movie has a lot of content that the game lacks. I find this somewhat strange as tie-ins usually run the story and content parallel to the movie.

Alice in Wonderland – An Adventure Beyond the Mirror is a platform puzzler with a heavy focus on spatial puzzles. In the beginning of the game Alice is on her own, and she can only jump and enter doors/mirror/cracks. She soon encounters the White Rabbit that can freeze certain objects in time. This helps to get platforms in position, and freeze crates in position. To switch between these characters you simply tap on Alice to get a character selection menu. Time pauses when you do this. As you progress through the game the other characters are added to the party. The Cheshire Cat can remove/create objects with a green glow to them. The March Hare has the power of telekinesis, and can move objects with blue glow between blue spots. Finally the Mad Hatter can move objects between the worlds if they have a purple glow.

img_0419It is somewhat strange to only have one character that can move. Alice trots around in her light blue dress, and looks kind of stuck-up. She isn’t moving like a child, but rather like a self conscious 18-year-old. In the lower left of the screen you can find a left and right button for movement, and to the right a jump button. Whenever Alice is in front of a door or other interactive object an icon shows up in the middle of the screen. The jumping ability of Alice is poor, and whenever I reach a gap in a level I know that there is a puzzle to solve instead of Super Mario jumping. Touch controls are used for the other characters, and it works really well. Tapping to remove/create, and dragging to move blue objects using the March Hare. Later in the game you also encounter special rooms that needs you to rotate your iPhone to solve them.

img_0428The puzzles found in Alice in Wonderland range from easy to fiendishly hard. I really enjoy the dual dimension puzzles where you have to move objects using the Mad Hatter. Moving mirrors, and running through them can give a sense of confusion. At times I have had to rely on trial and error to solve some puzzles. I have also managed to screw up some puzzles beyond repair. This has forced me to restart the game. The option to go back to the map removes all progress made, but just pressing the home button and restart will let you continue from the last checkpoint. The checkpoint system is appreciated, but at times it gives you several checkpoints at short intervals and at other times it is ten minutes between them. Alice dies a lot from spiky objects, falling in water, getting speared by enemies and getting crates dropped on her. Thankfully there is no limit to the number of lives or retries.

The presentation is quite solid with nice backgrounds, and a cool surreal vibe to the graphics. The characters are kind of simple in design, and Alice lacks animation thus making her feel more rigid and older than her supposed age. The story is told in text messages between characters, and I found this to be somewhat annoying as the text is small and dark. Furthermore there are large stones with interesting writings on them but the font used together with the white on grey colour makes it hard to read. Using the pinch in/out gesture the game can be zoomed out. Further into the game this is a must to be able to solve the puzzles, and the game actually looks much better zoomed out. The music is really good, and feels perfect for transporting me into Wonderland.


Alice outside Wonderland in a strange bug.

Alice in Wonderland took me about four hours to complete, and during that time I felt entertained, excited and challenged. I managed to get outside of the mirrored Wonderland with a strange bug, and it actually felt fitting that I managed to go outside of the game. The puzzles found in Alice in Wonderland are varied and rewarding to solve. I got hooked right away playing the lite version, and I felt that it was cruel to having me wait a week to get my hands on the full game.

There is some extra content such as rewards for visiting the different Disneylands, getting some dates correctly, and take pictures of certain objects. There are also objects found within the game to collect. img_0440Other than that there is little to no reason to replay the game once you have completed it. In the end it all boils down to one question: what is the price of fun? Five bucks for three to four hours of fun is a good deal for me. Alice in Wonderland – An Adventure Beyond the Mirror is one of the best puzzle platformers for the iPhone, and definitely gets my recommendation. It gets an Editor’s Choice for the clever puzzles, lovely graphical style and musical score. Now I actually want to see this movie.

Editor’s Choice


Alice in Wonderland – An Adventure Beyond the Mirror $4.99
Version: 1.0.0
Seller: Walt Disney
Alice in Wonderland Lite

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    Awesome review.. btw you guys have a new app!!!!!! i just got it, you should make a post about it cause i don’t know how i missed the link on the home page.

  • Nigel Wood, UK

    thanks Legend, yeah will post about the app when the update is our which will hopefully fix the text in articles.

  • dee

    Hi, I have tried many ties, but still can’t find mad hatter.
    Now I’m trapped.
    Could you please tell me where can I find him?
    Many thanks

  • Marita

    I am also looking for the mad hatter and I have looked online for walkthroughs of this app but I can’t find any. I would appreciate it if someone could tell me where he is!

    thanks so much

  • kelso

    ok, soo, im on level 8 and i cant get through it? i just dont get it at all. i can get to the underground part and get the spade symbol, but then im stuck. i also dont get why there is a random purple box in the start of the level. can any of you guys help? thanks. :)

  • Torbjorn Kamblad, Sweden

    The Mad Hatter isn’t too hard to find. Make sure to test everything. Move every mirror, and try turning thing on in one dimension, and go between the dimensions letting for example spiky blocks kill the enemies. I replayed the entire game in 90 minutes tonight, and I am having a hard time understanding where you guys are lost. The Mad Hatter is on floor IV above a couple of soldiers. The more purple things you encounter, the closer you are to him.

  • sian

    i need help trying to get to the mad hatter too!
    cant find any walkthroughs ive been stuck on this one part for 5 days!! ive entered the march hare’s house and move the mirror onto ground level, gone throught it and made the bottom spiky block move but cannot get past them!!! tried EVERYTHING please help! x

  • lucy

    Same problem. Im stuck by the guards- ive stopped the bottom gold block but cant get any further i keep getting killed by guards or i just go back and forth between the two mirros and the two doors and then theres the bureau i can move but have nowhere to move it to. AHH. please help been stuck in the same place for ages- everthing up to this was okay!

  • Ana Paola Sierra Arzuffi

    Can´t get to the Mad Hatter! > Please Help! I´m stuck just like you guys.

  • Melissa

    Loved your review. I bought the game the day it came out and I love it.

    Luckily I’ve got the Mad Hatter. But my problem is after getting him. I get to go the the Hare’s house and thats it. I just keep bouncing between the house and the door beneath it. Did I mess up the puzzles beyond repair and miss something? :-( I hope not. Was wondering if someone might be able to enlighten me.

    Good luck everyone on finding the Hatter. I know I couldn’t recall how I did it haha.

  • Alice

    I’m stuck too. I cannot pass the guards. I move the mirror to the bottom blue flame, enter the mirror, set the spiky block in movement but it doesn’t kill any guards. Is it possible to enter the mirror when it’s on the upper flame?
    One question: is there a connection between levels? That is, if I’m stuck at level 8, does it mean that I did not do something in previous levels and need therefore to go back and redo levels? Please help. Thanks.

  • Sandra murray

    Hi I’m so stuck I get to the stage where it says rotate I phone to flip wonderland! Am moving it all ways but won’t rotate?? Any ideas am I doing it wrong???

  • melt32

    i dnt know if any1 can help me but i’ve found the mad hatter, and got the key to the bottom door but i cant get back… help!

  • newbee

    I am stuck in the first level at the tree.. could someone tell me how to proceed

  • stefanie

    hes on the 3rd or 4th floor (sorry can’t remember) but hes right after the room where you have to turn the iphone (hope that helps)..after getting him there’s a key you have to find in order to open the last locked door and i’m pretty sure after that its the end of the level…i’m having trouble finding this key! anybody know how?

  • Melt32

    To get the key u need to use mad hatter and White rabit on the wardrobe then go through the mirror, once u,ve done that, go right until u can only just see the mirror, now move the mirror to the right till it stats, this is tricky and took me a few goes. After that it’s pretty straight forward however once u have the key I have no idea how u get back :s

  • Heather

    I cannot seem to get my room to rotate either! I’ve tried everything! Every other app rotates fine but I cannot seem to figure out how to rotate the room. It’s killing me!

  • Beth

    Rotating world in Alice
    so it took me a bit, but just stand under the compass looking thing and the black claw icon will appear in center of app. Click this black claw icon and the compass will literally suck in Alice. It is then that you tilt phone and point towards direction you wish to drop her. Once ready to drop black claw icon appears again and compass. Thing spits alice out.
    Now seriously, mad hatter. Could I get some help. Like detailed help. Thanks!

  • Kat

    For the hatter:

    enter the house, drag the mirror
    2. enter it. Walk to other mirror, go through.
    Look at background. When the moving squiggly thing goes past the mirror go back through and you will be on the other side of it.
    Btw, not sur about step 2. If u go thu the mirror and u get confronted by the spiky block b4 u get to another mirror, go back through the first
    1 and skip to step 3.

    Hope this helps, but I’m stuck at the next key. Once u get it how do u get back?

  • allison

    I am also stuck with the key and no way to get back ,its driving me crazy can any one please help !!

  • kim

    So, I found the hatter and found the key but after i found the key I can’t figure my way back out! helpp?

  • allison

    Aha , got it you need to extend your screen to see a platform in the room below!!!

  • liv


    i’m stuck, i can’t seem to cross to the other side coz the tree is in the way. i’ve tried changing into the rabbit or the cat.I think its level 3. Please help!

  • liv

    i’m stuck at level 3. Can’t get through coz the tree is in the way. I’ve tried changing to the rabbit and the cat. Please Help!!

  • Torbjorn Kamblad, Sweden

    The Cat can remove any tree or greenery with a green sparkle to it. Try the Cat again and tap the tree to proceed.

  • Ember

    Allison, I love you. I can’t believe I forgot that he game has pinch to zoom.

  • Ana Paola Sierra Arzuffi

    Hey! I saw the platform already, but, then I get into a room full of knights and i don´t know what to do!

  • marika

    How do you find the key to get into the hare’s house? I got to the house but I can’t find the key to get in

  • kim

    wow. if you have to pinch the screen to zoom in and out after you find the key then my ipod must be fucked up because it’s not letting me zoom in and out.. =/

  • Jade

    I am seriously stuck on level 3 iv made the tree go and now there is a broken mirror and I can work out what to do, it’s been bugging me all night!!!

  • elizabeth

    im also stuck on level 8 after eating the thing to get big i can get to the broken glass but can not get out of the underground area…. someone help!!!

  • Ana Paola Sierra Arzuffi

    Jade, yo need to find 3 mirror pieces that are missing so you can enter to the mirror. :)

    Can anybody tell me PLEASE hoy exactly do i get back to the locked door once you have the key in the Hare´s house???

  • liv

    i’m now stuck after getting Alice Up the boxes, i get killed by the guards. Help!!!

  • Ana Paola Sierra Arzuffi

    hey! i just got out of the hare´s house! i´m going to try to help you cuz it took me ages and i can´t really recall everything.
    Ok, so you got the key, and then you get to the part where there are spikes on the floor sou you can´t get down, you have to pinch to the screen to make a zoom out (keep it that way) it will help you later. You will see some green spots so use the cat to make a platform appear. Then go left and enter to the mirror. You will get to the 2nd. floor (i think) but there are some guards and you can´t get through. So, get back into the mirror and (using zoom out) you will see a dresser somewhere (i think it´s on the top) so, use the Mad Hatter to turn it into the other dimension. Now, get back into the mirror. The dresser will be upstairs so, use the hare to move it into the blue spot on top of the guards, it will kill 2 or 3 of them then turn the dresser back into the other dimension so you can get through afterwards but, there is one guard still alive. So, there´s a spike block downstairs (zoom out) use the Mad Hatter to turn it into the other dimension, now, get back in the mirror and move it to the blue spot beside the mirror, then quickly before it kills you use the Mad Hatter to turn it again into the other dimension, it will kill the guard left. Now you can get through (you can disappear the block again so it won´t bother you) now, there are 2 doors and a crack at the end of the passage, get into the crack and get the ¨heart-shaped¨ thing. Now get back to the mirror and turn the dresser back into the other dimension, get back into the mirror, pass the first door and the second and stay there while moving the dresser into the blue spot again. Now get into the door (the second one) and you will appear upstairs, dissapear the dresser in front of you and get to the other side where there´s a door or a mirror (don´t remember) and you will appear on the first floor where the locked door is. I think there´s a guard, if so, get into the mirror at the end of the passage and make the spike block kill him like you did before. Now you can get through the door, and that´s IT!
    haha i know it´s hard and confusing, but if you do it just like this, it will work.
    Now, I´m stuck in the next level at the many doors part. Please when you get there, if someone knows how to do it, please let me know!
    Good luck to everyone!

  • Chessur

    I thought this was a fantastic game.
    5 stars! If you’re stuck on a level, try
    focusing on timing.
    After finishing the game, I really wished
    I could restart it. Great game!!

  • MissMarie

    Ok… I’m stuck too…
    Just after the Hare’s house, in the garden, you have to get in a mirror and you need to jump on a second level to get something… I still need the heart and the ace. So there’s 3 block that can be moved. But I don’t find the way to put them so I can jump…

    Thanks !

    (Sorry if it’s unclear… I’m french-speaker…)

  • La la la

    Hi i’m stuck in the first level. I cant seem to get past the tree. I keep switching between the rabbit and alice and tapping the tree but nothings happening. Help?

  • Torbjorn Kamblad, Sweden

    Use the White Rabbit to get the blocks to unfreeze, and fall to the ground.

    @La la la
    Back away from the rising tree and let it settle at the low point. Switch to the White Rabbit and freeze the tree. Switch to Alice and jump up on the tree. Back to White Rabbit, unfreeze tree. Switch to alice once the tree is up again, and jump ahead.

  • Daphne

    Can someone please explain where the Hatter is and how i’m supposed to get him? And where’s the part with that rotating room everyones talking about? But more importantly, I need the Hatter.

  • Jenny

    So I’m stuck on the garden level. I can’t finish it and it’s really bothering me. Is there something you’re supposed to get before it? Do you find the Hatter before that level? Ugh, someone please help me!!

  • Angie

    I can’t get past the tree on I think level one!!!! Please help

  • MissMarie

    The white rabbit can’t do anything on the part I’m talking about…

    I’m in the garden level, On the other side of the first mirror. There is two block on the ground and another on the second ground, where I need to jump. I can move the three blocks but I can’t freeze them or anything…

    Is there anyone who know what I am suppose to do to make two blocks stay in the air ? In which way am I suppose to put them ?

    Thanks !

  • Ana Paola Sierra Arzuffi

    Hey, does anybody know what are all those objects Alice collect for?

  • Ana Paola Sierra Arzuffi

    I´m also stuck at that part MissMarie, you can freeze the blocks with the help of the rabbit. But, i don´t know what to do next, if you figure it out, please let me know.

  • Edward weber

    Level 3 how do I get past the tree or grab other 2 gold hearts in mirror on ground level. I can only grab one when it brings me up. Just need to get past the tree on level 3. Sometimes it’s gold when Alice and brown when cat. Thanks.

  • Pecori

    Hey guys!!
    I’ve gone through the house and everything and then through the forest and not im at the mirror stage but i cant get it. does anyone know how???

  • Kim

    I am Stuck! *Level 3 I think it is) you pull down 2 boxes to reach the glass but when you jump up to collect it – there is a guard by the mirror! and it kills me everytime….can anyone help to get past this part??

    Thank you….

  • MissMarie

    Still stuck… Same f***king place…
    Please help !

  • Ana Paola Sierra Arzuffi

    Is anyone stuck on level 10?

  • Lacey

    Hi all.
    Ok I’m starting to get the hump with this now. I have hone into the house and through the first mirror (which I Cannot move). I am now on the second part in the house where you start on the 1st floor and the White rabbit tells you to get to the third floor for the hatter but can’t get there – can get to 2nd floor but then a dresser stops me going any further and my platform doesn’t reach the third floor. I don’t have a key yet either.
    Help….starting to wish I’d never installed this now :-( thanks all