Alice in Wonderland – An Adventure Beyond the Mirror review

Oh Alice, dear Alice. You have been running around chasing rabbits all my life, and you seem intent on keeping up this unruly behaviour. White rabbits might be sweet and all but please get an iPod Touch instead. It is much safer than venturing into the Wonderland.  But I understand the draw, the excitement of the unknown. Who wouldn’t want to talk to rabbits, cats and meet the Mad Hatter. Of course the Red Queen is there to disturb the peace. In Alice in Wonderland you have to help Alice to get out of Wonderland.

img_0402I have always loved the surreal writing of Lewis Carrol, and now I get to play as the characters of the novel. I have done so in the past as well for the PC in American McGee’s Alice. Now with a new Disney remake of Alice in Wonderland it is understandable that a game surfaces. Movie tie-ins tend to be quite poor, but in the case of Alice in Wonderland the movie has to be quite spectacular to beat the game. From what I have seen though the movie has a lot of content that the game lacks. I find this somewhat strange as tie-ins usually run the story and content parallel to the movie.

Alice in Wonderland – An Adventure Beyond the Mirror is a platform puzzler with a heavy focus on spatial puzzles. In the beginning of the game Alice is on her own, and she can only jump and enter doors/mirror/cracks. She soon encounters the White Rabbit that can freeze certain objects in time. This helps to get platforms in position, and freeze crates in position. To switch between these characters you simply tap on Alice to get a character selection menu. Time pauses when you do this. As you progress through the game the other characters are added to the party. The Cheshire Cat can remove/create objects with a green glow to them. The March Hare has the power of telekinesis, and can move objects with blue glow between blue spots. Finally the Mad Hatter can move objects between the worlds if they have a purple glow.

img_0419It is somewhat strange to only have one character that can move. Alice trots around in her light blue dress, and looks kind of stuck-up. She isn’t moving like a child, but rather like a self conscious 18-year-old. In the lower left of the screen you can find a left and right button for movement, and to the right a jump button. Whenever Alice is in front of a door or other interactive object an icon shows up in the middle of the screen. The jumping ability of Alice is poor, and whenever I reach a gap in a level I know that there is a puzzle to solve instead of Super Mario jumping. Touch controls are used for the other characters, and it works really well. Tapping to remove/create, and dragging to move blue objects using the March Hare. Later in the game you also encounter special rooms that needs you to rotate your iPhone to solve them.

img_0428The puzzles found in Alice in Wonderland range from easy to fiendishly hard. I really enjoy the dual dimension puzzles where you have to move objects using the Mad Hatter. Moving mirrors, and running through them can give a sense of confusion. At times I have had to rely on trial and error to solve some puzzles. I have also managed to screw up some puzzles beyond repair. This has forced me to restart the game. The option to go back to the map removes all progress made, but just pressing the home button and restart will let you continue from the last checkpoint. The checkpoint system is appreciated, but at times it gives you several checkpoints at short intervals and at other times it is ten minutes between them. Alice dies a lot from spiky objects, falling in water, getting speared by enemies and getting crates dropped on her. Thankfully there is no limit to the number of lives or retries.

The presentation is quite solid with nice backgrounds, and a cool surreal vibe to the graphics. The characters are kind of simple in design, and Alice lacks animation thus making her feel more rigid and older than her supposed age. The story is told in text messages between characters, and I found this to be somewhat annoying as the text is small and dark. Furthermore there are large stones with interesting writings on them but the font used together with the white on grey colour makes it hard to read. Using the pinch in/out gesture the game can be zoomed out. Further into the game this is a must to be able to solve the puzzles, and the game actually looks much better zoomed out. The music is really good, and feels perfect for transporting me into Wonderland.


Alice outside Wonderland in a strange bug.

Alice in Wonderland took me about four hours to complete, and during that time I felt entertained, excited and challenged. I managed to get outside of the mirrored Wonderland with a strange bug, and it actually felt fitting that I managed to go outside of the game. The puzzles found in Alice in Wonderland are varied and rewarding to solve. I got hooked right away playing the lite version, and I felt that it was cruel to having me wait a week to get my hands on the full game.

There is some extra content such as rewards for visiting the different Disneylands, getting some dates correctly, and take pictures of certain objects. There are also objects found within the game to collect. img_0440Other than that there is little to no reason to replay the game once you have completed it. In the end it all boils down to one question: what is the price of fun? Five bucks for three to four hours of fun is a good deal for me. Alice in Wonderland – An Adventure Beyond the Mirror is one of the best puzzle platformers for the iPhone, and definitely gets my recommendation. It gets an Editor’s Choice for the clever puzzles, lovely graphical style and musical score. Now I actually want to see this movie.

Editor’s Choice


Alice in Wonderland – An Adventure Beyond the Mirror $4.99
Version: 1.0.0
Seller: Walt Disney
Alice in Wonderland Lite

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  • MissMarie

    Lacey ! How did you get the ace and the heart ? Do you know how to get over the part I’m stuck ? (In the garden level, On the other side of the first mirror. There is two block on the ground and another on the second ground, where I need to jump. I can move the three blocks but I can’t freeze them or anything…)


  • Lacey

    will have a quick look MissMarie 

  • Lacey

    MissMarie; if you go back to your Map, what level are you on?

  • Lacey

    I know where you are. I’ll just try & remember where I moved the blocks lol

  • MissMarie

    Oh thanks ! Just to be sure, I’m in the part on the where the icon is a fence…

  • rachhhh

    will someone please help me get past the many doors stage!! :(

  • Ana Paola Sierra Arzuffi

    rachhhh, look, it´s not as difficult as it seems, i don´t really remember how i did it, but, sometimes you have to enter to the same door you just entered, try every door, and you´ll find all the pieces.

  • Teresa

    I am stuck right after you find the headband you wore as a little girl. I’m in the room with the red curtain and the three blue stage lights.

  • Ebony


    I just finished that part. What you have to do is: When you get to the drop off where there are two crates (One on the ground and one in the air), Put one crate ontop of the other (There will be a gap between them). From there, you can jump from the ledge onto the crates.

    Once ontop of the crates, move the bottom one to the next blue flame infont of you (Make sure the hare turns it gold so that it stays in the air). From there, you can just keep jumping from crate.

    Hope that helped.

  • Teresa

    There are no crates a sign “life is partly about the friends we make……” and i have not found the hare. There is the sign on left the stage with red curtain middle and a green object that goes up in the air on the far right

  • grace

    hey guys

    loving the game but so stuck :(
    i am on the level were u enter the hatters house and u need to get on the 3rd floor.
    so as soon as u enter there is a mirror above you which u can move i have tried that and gone through and there are two logs in which you can move one and set one moving again…
    i set one moving and couldnt see anywhere to move the other one…
    i left the mirrow next to the guards and just get killed :(

    PLEASEEEEE help :(

  • marika

    How do you get the key to enter the Hare’s house? Is that how you find the Hatter?

  • Teresa

    Now I’m stuck at the part looking for the ace and the heart ? Do you know how to get over the part I’m stuck ? (In the garden level, On the other side of the first mirror. There is two block on the ground and another on the leadge to the right where I need to jump. I can move the three blocks but I can’t freeze them or anything

  • Liv

    I’m now stuck at where I need to pass 3 guards, 3 flowers which blow and I have to cross the river. How to I cross the river? I’ve tried jumping n everything.

  • Torbjorn Kamblad, Sweden

    Try moving the flowers to get them to blow the guards into the river.

  • Ebony

    Im stuck after you blow the guards into the river. On the other side, theres a mirror and a crate that you use Mad hatter to transfer into the other world, then you go through the mirror… but Im stuck? A little help please? D:

  • Laie

    Hi all!!

    Is anybody else stuck at Level 8?? I have no problem at the beginning of the level, you just have to go inside the mirror and use the Mad Hatter to change the box to the other side so you can jump to the higher platform.

    The problem comes after that. There are two flames floating in the same place, one above the other, and only ONE moving block. Alice has to get to the very top, but in order to jump on the moving block, you need to move it to the lowest flame. And, if you do that, Alice cannot reach the platform, because the block stops halfway there!!

    Can anybody help me, please?! I pinched the screen and there is nothing I can use but the moving block!!

  • Beth

    Where is Hatter?

  • Telly

    Help!! Im stuck closer towards the end..Im in the room with 2doors, one is locked, so you use the compasses to go on the ‘ceiling’ on the left side and collect it.. then you use another compass to get to the right side, and you drop from the ceiling to unlock the door.. I have nothing to land on to be able to enter the door.. anyone know how?!

  • Alexa Fratercangelo

    Please help I cant get the rabbit over the poison spikes.

  • Vicki

    Telly, I’m stuck in the same place as you. If you figure out how to get through the door, let me know. I went back out and in several times…can’t figure out how to get into that door!

  • Brizzle baby

    Ok telly. It’s pretty hard And you have to time it perfectly. But while you’re falling from the compass you have to hit the claw thing at the bottom to go into the next one. Not sure if that’s the right part but hope it helps

  • Liv

    I am at the last few levels, passed the rooms with many doors, compass and now I’m so
    stuck. There are some boxes n blue lights, supposed to get to the other side. I tried moving the boxes, jumping so many times but can’t seem to cross. Btw I’m at a high point n there is a door at the bottom which gets me back to the same door which I am standing. I can see that there is a flower n some guards across. Please help!

  • marika

    can anyone tell me how to get into the hare’s house?

  • gemma

    I cant get past level 3, i have got the 3 pieces of mirror and there is a guard in front of the broken mirror. Everytime i jump on the top of the ledge to get to the mirror the guard kills me, i have tried moving boxes on top of him but they wont go there and tried jumping over the guard with no joy. any help please?

  • gardener

    im stuck at the very begining of the garden level need help cand get to the upper level after going through the very first mirrory you see need help

  • Soleil

    Gardener, If you you want to go further you will need to collect the mad hatter. This way you could use the third box to climb. The mad hatter is in the Hare house.

  • Nid

    Estoy atorada en el nivel de las puertas por el guardia que no puedo pasar a la puerta con candado. Llevo 3 días intentando. Alguien sabe como?

  • dylan

    Thenfourth level!! How do I get out???????

  • Em

    I’m stuck there too I can’t get to the mirror, I have the pieces but the guard is in the way, if you figure it out could you let me know please :)

  • bee

    How do you get the 2 keys in the mad hatters house?

  • Heather

    Ok does playing this game on your iPad make a difference. I am at the part where you need to get the key in order to get into the mad batters house an I can not figure out for the life of me how to get that key. Please help.

  • Kiala

    how do u get the hare/ i cant find him.

  • Nashijun

    All right, I’m going to help you all who are stuck on the door level.

    First, a pretty picture (not).

    The squares with numbers are doors, the ones with ‘X’s are mirrors. The circles are the mirror pieces.
    Second, the patterns.
    Go through door 3 (using the pic), then 1, 7, and 15. You’ll end up at door 5, where the first piece is.
    Next, go through door 3 again, 1, 7, and 16. You’ll be at 8 with another piece.
    Last, 4, 12, 21, and 19 to be at 10 with the last piece.

    Hope it helps.

  • Nashijun
  • Nina

    Hii people’s! I’m seriously stuck on I guess level 7 where you have unlocked the hares house and are tryin to find the hatter and he’s like ‘the queen invaded that’s so rude’ or w.e and I can’t get anywhere w.o dying in the first 5 seconds :/ I moved the mirror and then went in and then what? I am blocked by a dresser and a frozen spike thing… Please email me w. Answers at Ty :)

  • Stormi

    So I’m stuck after getting out if the hares house and getting the mad hatter. I’m underground and there’s doors everywhere. I’ve gotten some of it but I just can’t finger it out. Help!!

  • seda

    hey ppl i am at the level wer im at the rabiitts house ive walked everywer i was in der for hours thers jus tables on the floor at level 3 wer hatters ment to be but i cant do anything please hellp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    How do you get past the key to the door in the mad hatters house helpppppp!thanks for the help!

  • Hathor

    I have run out of searches. Do I have to buy more?