Alexandria Blood Show – First look

At GDC in San Fransisco, and at the SEGA Download event in London, we got to play SEGA’s new line up of spring iOS titles.

Alexandra Bloodshow was one of those (along with Sonic 4 Episode 2 and Total War Battles: Shogun). The game is a mix of tower defense and trading card game, where you play as either the Greeks or the Egyptians, in an all out bloody war.

Like Samurai Blood Show before it, this sequel sees you selecting from a range of battles across a map (in this case the Aegean region). Before each battle you can purchase cards for your deck, each with their own powers and abilities. Then, against a computer player or over Bluetooth or WiFi with friends, you must strategically place your cards on the battlefield to face the oncoming enemy force.

There are 120+ cards in total, ranging from basic soldiers, to full blown almighty gods (like Horus). Cards from your deck come up randomly as a set of three, and as you play you can call for more cards from different decks that you accumulate as you advance.

The most interesting aspect of the game that we saw were by far the visuals. Presented on a large sheet of virtual papyrus, the characters – drawn in a hieroglyph style – come to life with gory animated sequences (hence the name Blood Show). Scenes, such as chariots dragging defeated enemies along the ground, and appendages flying in all directions, pepper the enviroments with fountains of spouting blood from open wounds. Nice!

Look out for the game to hit the AppStore this Spring as a Universal App.

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