Airport Mania Review

Flight delayed again; why not play a Airport Mania and help clear up the congestion?

Airport Mania is a very well done time management game. You start out in cute little airport with a runway, a terminal, and some adorable little plans. Your job is to direct the planes to land, pick up passengers and take off again. As you progress you can upgrade your airport and get more terminals, plane painting stations, waiting areas and more.

440575_5jpgWhen starting the game you are put through a tutorial running you through all the intricacies of the game. You have colored planes that need to land in your airport. You direct them to the correct strip to land on and the terminal to unload passengers. After loading up with new passengers you then direct them on which runway to take off on and your job is done. You get bonuses for keeping same colored planes at certain terminals, for landing a lot of planes on the same runway in a certain time, and many others. Like real airports you will soon find yourself with many planes, many people, and a lot of headache if you can’t keep your airport running smoothly.

440575_4jpgThe Good

First, lets talk about the graphics. They are very cute, and very well done. Some may say they look juvenile, but for me the are fun and bright, and are sure to bring a smile to your face. There is not a lot to report as far as animations go, but the art style is fun and well done making the gameplay fun and intuitive. For example, it’s really easy to see your plane has been waiting to long on the runway because it will be frowning.

Airport Mania has a lot of gameplay. For your airport you can buy new plans, upgrade them with in flight movies, or work on faster terminals. You can also sell some of your upgrades to help you buy new ones. Airport Mania also has a very decent amount of gameplay with 8 stages with 5-8 levels per stage. You can also earn awards and trophies as you accomplish certain tasks.

440575_3jpgAirport Mania has a very high level of polish. From the sounds, to menus and graphics everything has been well thought out and it makes the whole experience very enjoyable. I often forget I’m playing Airport Mania on a phone.

The Bad

There aren’t too many things to complain about with this game. I don’t like that I can’t play my own iPod music, but the in game music is good, and fits perfectly with the game. It could use some online features like leader-boards, or maybe head to head play as it is there is no multiplayer of any kind. Still, Airport Mania is and App Store stand out, and worth buying.

Presentation & Graphics
Cute, bright, and fun. I love the art style.

No awards will be earned for sound, but the sound track is fun and well produced. It matches perfectly with the game.

Four stars for fun! There aren’t many games as fun as Airport Mania out there. It’s not perfect, but it’s close!

You can play this game for a long long time. Even with no online play, with 48 levels and lots of variation you won’t get bored soon.

Game Rating
In my experience everyone I’ve shown Airport Mania has loved it, including myself. It’s one of those App Store gems we love to find.

Airport Mania $.99 for a limited time (Just buy it!)

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  • Jay

    hmm. i might buy this management game, although i am not a big fan of the genre

  • Torbjorn Kamblad, Sweden

    I had trouble controlling the planes with my fat fingers. Fun game though.

  • Rock $ Rolla

    I played the lite version its pretty good


    is this like flight control?

  • iPGN-Nige, UK

    lol Torbjorn your fingers are huge! ;)

  • Nacho, USA

    @Jay: As you know, I usually don’t like time management games but this one is different. It’s more like juggling. I really enjoyed it.

    @Kamblad: I’m surprised you have trouble since you just need to touch the plan, then touch the runway, you don’t need to drag anything around.

  • Arnold

    This game had been out for a while so the review came a bit late. I have finished the game belong ago and have unlocked the paper plane mode.
    Anyway, great bargain at 99 cents and is a toss between this and Sally’s Spa.

  • kistajk

    Flight control is all about hype, this one is actually fun and there’s a lot more to do in the game than FC.