Aeterius Review

Have you ever been to a carnival? Have you ever gone for a ride on the bumper cars? Have you ever wished that rather than cars, you were smashing into other space ships? If you have answered yes to these questions, boy do I have a proposition for you!

Aeterius, which I’ve yet to decide exactly how to pronounce, is an interesting take on the kind of played out top down space game. Instead of blasting hundreds of ships with super cannons and what not, you are tasked with tilting your iPhone and moving your ship around and smashing into the other ships until you knock them off the screen. There are all kinds of power ups and the like to help you along in your mission. Things such as bombs that blast all enemies in your radius or big boxing gloves that slams enemies halfway across the map.

Before each game you are giving the option of equipping two power ups and one enhancement. The power ups are one time use items that can really help you out of a jam, while the enhancements will last the whole level and will increase a stat such as weight or strength. All of these power ups have limited usage, so use them on the harder levels or you may regret it.

knmYou have your ship picked out, you have your power ups and enhancements picked out, and now you are ready to play. You wonder, “Dave, how does this game control once I’m playing?” Well it controls spot on. You tilt your phone around to move the ship, and to unleash a power up you tap one of the sides of the screen. The one drawback to the controls is that you must keep the phone flat or you will move directly into the side of the screen. Depending on how you are sitting this can be kind of uncomfortable, but if you can get past this, the controls work very well.

On top of the solid controls, the game looks pretty good. It has a very clean looking art style that is pretty easy on the eyes. The music in the game is also rather nice, and it adds to the feel of the game. The sound effects, while nothing to write home about, do not detract from the experience, and are decent.

I don’t see this game having huge legs. There is a lot of levels to progress through, but I couldn’t see anyone spending more than a couple hours with the game. While there is a level progression, it would be nice if there was some kind of a story to keep you wanting to come back for more. This is a fairly small complaint, in such a competitive market like the iPhone, keeping gamers coming back is incredibly important.

Overall, Aeterius is a very solid game, and a fresh take on a played out genre. It’s a little repetitive, but the nice art style, good sound and solid controls still make this a game that is absolutely worth checking out.

Ratings breakdown

Presentation and Graphics
Very good looking art style that is easy on the eyes. Decent menu system as well. Overall, a nice looking package.


Very good music in the game, but the sound effects are nothing special.


Very solid controls that work well for the game. A fun game premise that is fun for a couple hours, but it gets old after that. The angle you have to keep the phone at while playing can be a little uncomfortable.


There are a lot of levels, but with no story as you progress, there is really nothing that will keep you coming back. Another game mode would have been a welcomed addition.


Final rating

A very good game overall, the lack of reason to keep coming back to game keeps the score from being higher, but if you love top down shooters, this game is worth the 2 bucks.

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  • Bill

    This game’s pretty good, I had fun with it!

  • http://N/A BeeGee

    this game’s ok – but try the real “Bumpercars” game in the App store. Then you won’t have to wish anymore.