A.D.D review

IUGO, the creators of Star Hogs and Toy bot create Another Dumb Distraction! Nope, I’m not being rude, that is the game’s name!

Another Dumb Distraction or A.D.D for short is a collection of fast paced mini games, a clone if you will of the fabulous Wario Ware series from Nintendo. The premise is pretty much exactly the same, which is to survive wave after wave of quick fire scenarios as long as you can, before you make enough mistakes to lose your lives.

robinhoodEach game is introduced in a split second, giving you a clue of what you will need to do, as well as the type of action required. These are all iPhone control-centric, such as; tap, drag, swipe, tilt, shake, etc etc.

After a short countdown the game starts, and a timer, shown as some kind of ticker tape, begins to wind down. You must complete the scenario within this time limit or you will lose a life. Complete it or have enough lives to continue and the next one starts… they keep coming in quick succession until you can’t take anymore. At every 10th game you will be presented with a bonus games, which gives you various powerups to help you (more lives etc).

So what of the games themselves? These range from the weird to the wonderful. Some are endearing, while others are downright troubling. The usual suspects of nose picking, ball rolling, and arrow shooting are all there… as well as some more original flavours.

earwaxOne minute you might be pulling a tablecloth from beneath some crockery, the next, feeding a hungry crocodile. How does pulling an earwig from an earhole sound? Or how about directing a turd down the colon of a fat man to an awaiting latrine? Whatever childish humour rocks your boat, there will be a mini game for you. In a nod to current IUGO titles there are even cameos from Toy bot, Freeballin and Star Hogs which is a nice touch.

Some of the games are pretty easy, but others are less obvious or require a few practices. But, it’s more about reactions than skill. You can play the game through a practice mode, which breaks down the types of games into themed blocks. Complete enough of them (many repeated over and over) and you will unlock the next block. The idea is to get good enough so you can play the quick play or hardcore modes, which mixes them together randomly, and then post your best scores online.

securityThere are 70 mini games in all which should keep things fresh for a while. 100 were planned, but some were deemed too inappropriate by Apple, resulting in a delay on release with IUGO ultimately pulling those games to get the game approved. These missing games are being tweaked and are promised for inclusion in an update.

With Wario Ware doing so well on GBA, DS and Wii, I’m surprised that this style of game hasn’t been done before on the iPhone and iPod Touch. I even thought of doing one myself. I can only imagine that even with the relative shortness of each game, it still takes much development time to create the quirky assets for each one.

So has A.D.D been worth the wait? Absolutely! It might be a blatant rip off of Wario Ware, but on this platform it feels wholly original. It’s sick, twisted, and warped…. I wouldn’t have it any other way!


A.D.D is out now for $2.99

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    looks really fun especially since i played the hell out of the wario ware on the gameboy advance.

  • Nacho Andrade, USA

    Great game, but I wish I could practice individual games, some of them I still haven’t figured out.