A.C.E. Air Combat Elite – Review

Top down 2D games are so 90’s aren’t they? Well Nebula doesn’t seem to think so which is why they have made ACE. But are they right?

ACE is, like I said, a budget top down 2D game. You take control of a plane and shoot down some baddies… simple! You start out with a basic aricraft and as you win waves (a round or a level if you wish) you gain credits that you can either spend on upgrading your current aircraft to make it better (you can either increase the speed, the weapon, or the armor) or you can buy from four other different aircraft. I actually bought two more, but I decided to stick with one and max it out as much as possible. The cool thing is that even if you lose the wave, meaning you didn’t destroy the amount of aircraft you were suppose to destroy, you will still receive money which will aid you in beating the wave you are currently engaed in. The game consists of pretty much that, 10 waves or so per map, with a total of four different maps (Europe, Asia, Africa and America). Each map has their own theme, but the rest is pretty much the same. After those 10 waves or so, you will face a final wave with a boss (or two in some cases). The game also features a survival mode where you can play in any of the areas you have previously unlocked and try to shoot down as many aircraft as possible.

ace_02The gameplay doesn’t really vary during the game. It is just fly around the map and shoot down some people. Even though it sounds simple, it is a huge amount of fun. You will find yourself saying “Okay, I will put it down after I die this time” but you don’t, and you will repeat that same scenario over and over again for at least ten times… it’s pretty addictive. Well, either that, or I am a guy with low power of will, but you can go ahead and try for yourself.

The visuals are pretty neat. Kind of old-school style 2D visuals, but they definitely look good. The music is no slouch either. It is pretty epic and it just pumps you even more to go out there and beat the hell out of those guys.

ace_05The controls are pretty easy to learn too. Heck they couldn’t be simpler. On the right side you shoot (even though it is set to auto-fire at first, but you can change this), on the left side of the screen you control the speed of your airplane. Lower left you go slower, upper left you go faster. And that means really fast once you have maxed out your speed for your airplane. In order to stir all you have to do is move the iPhone right or left. And last but not least there is a pretty cool function that I basically didn’t use much but I just like it, and that is if you rotate your iPhone 360 degrees towards you (screen goes down then comes back up) the airplane will make a loop turn and go towards the opposite way. Pretty cool, huh?

I did find some issues that were kind of annoying. One of which was that, for some unknown reason, after failing a wave for quite a while, the game would send me back to wave one of that area; which would suck if I was already in wave seven or so because I had to beat all the other waves again in order to get where I was. Apart from that, the game seemed to have some loading problems and it happened pretty often. It would just get stuck for a while and then it would jump into the game. Another thing I didn’t like much was that the enemy aircraft would just fly off the map and sometimes I just had to wait for them to come back in order to kill them, which would then lower my rating of the wave because I took too long. Expect some bug fixes in future updates.

Issues aside though, the game is definitely pretty fun. Although there isn’t really a storyline to follow, and all you do is fly around and kill aircraft all the time, it is definitely on of those kinds of simple games that you can just pick up and play in case you need some time to kill. For only $1.99 this is definitely a must buy for most. Be warned though, you might find it hard to put down!


A.C.E. Air Combat Elite is out now for $1.99. Get it on the A.C.E.

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