Above – Insanely Addictive! review

Jumping around on platforms above the clouds would be great at times. What a way to relax feeling the rush of air as you jump ever higher. Tasting clouds to a soft melody overlooking the busy cities below. You are above, yes above it all. In Above you get to jump all the way out into space whizzing past satellites. No worries, no obligations just keep jumping.

I previewed Above some time ago, and am pleased to finally see the finished product. It is a one-button jump game where timing is the most important thing. Keeping your head cool when the platforms become scarce is also important to reach higher scores. img_0883Above is all about the scored, and this is an aspect where it both excels and lacks. As you jump around any of the three available levels you can jump past your 10 last high scores. This is an immediate motivational aspect. It lacks decent online functionality as it only comes with Twitter and Facebook integration. To be a contender for high scores a game needs Openfeint, Agon, Crystal or Plus+.

The graphics in Above are colorful, soothing and beautiful. For most action jumping games graphics is the least you look at, but in Above you have time to enjoy them. The cell shaded animated hero of the game looks good, and his lack of facial features makes him an enigma. Why is this man jumping? Did he miss a meeting at his office, or is he a superhero who left his suit in the dryer this morning? We aren’t told in the game, and the sense of wonder makes the game ever more interesting.

The sound effects are also on the joyful side with whoops and doodallys as the character jumps from charged platforms. The heavy rumble of falling platforms can be felt, and it feels ominous before it falls. Music is soft, and suitable to the game. You can play your own music, and keep the sound effects if you want to.


Falling off from up here has got to hurt.

Above is a great game in the one button/one action genre. The simple controls are responsive, and the game is quite addictive. I prefer these kinds of games to only have one mode as it makes them more competitive in my opinion. Above comes with three levels with different difficulties, and this is actually enough to give variation instead of inventing some other mode. The lack of proper online leaderboards hurt the final score, and I hope some of the bigger services will be included in future updates. Furthermore I complained in my preview about only having six letters for highscores, and sadly that still remains. It might be nitpicking but I think a game should either use three initials or at ten letters for the high score lists. Local achievements are available for those inclined to chase them. I can definitely recommend Above as a fun jumping game with a relaxed vibe. It is quite addictive, but without online leaderboards it won’t be insanely addictive. And quite frankly I would like to have the title as only Above as too many really poor games add addictive to gain recognition. I personally enjoy Above to the extent that I give it an Editor’s Choice award.



Above – Insanely Addictive! $1.99 (get it from ABOVE - Insanely Addictive!) Version: 1.0.0 Seller: Axolot

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  • AnotherTim

    Yeah, I don’t download anything with “insanely addictive” in its title on principle alone.

  • SIlent Rocco

    Hey Tim,
    then enjoy missing the by far most addictive and best jumping game on the iPhone. This game is a gem!

  • Sven Van de Perre

    Same here, you could have at least gave it some heat for the cheap “insanely adictive” stolen from Doodle Jump. If you reviewers don’t spank developers doing stuff like this, they’ll be doing fifty sequels of every popular game, until we choke in them.

    You’ve got good writing skills, but I’m still looking out that one website with App reviews being harder on the score front. This is a 2 or a 2.5 in my book, max.

    But hey, being an ex-journalist myself, I understand that being harder means less advertisement money.

  • Torbjorn Kamblad, Sweden


    I think we are really good at not handing out high ratings left and right at TouchGen. And I have given a lot of low scores over the past year. Loss of ad revenue never enters my mind when I write, and rate. I never see that aspect of our site.

    And I do mention that I dislike the “insanely addictive” monicker, and any game that uses it. I want that to be left to the consumer.


    Hi guys, this is the dev.
    Even we who made the game agree that the “Insanely addictive” dose not look good. But unfortunately ABOVE as a name was already taken on the App Store when the game was done so this was one way of solving it. But at the same time, this is what our beta testers have been saying about the game so its not something we made up ether. But for us, the games name is ABOVE, that’s it.

  • Animous

    This Game is great!
    Don’t complain about the “Insanely addictive” in it’s titel.
    The gameplay is very refreshing and the grafics are stylish.

    Keep the good work going and don’t forgett do update your game from time to time! :)