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The story found in A Pig’s Dreams is some of the most bizarre ramblings of madness I have yet to read in an App Store description. Ed the pig has lost his marbles after being a test subject for weird drugs. With no bearing on reality Ed still has a sense of what is right, and hence he sets out to save his animal friends. On a quest to save them all Ed hopes to regain his mind from the lucid state he is in.

A Pig’s Dreams is a physics puzzler with some really mindboggling level designs. The pace of the gameplay is quite slow for the most part, but there are some levels that demand both timing and accuracy. Ed has to move from his starting point to the cage holding his friend. He can’t move on his own, but has to be helped by either gravity or some other force in the level. There are arrows that can jet him forwards, and some are movable while others demand that Ed reaches them.

p3The controls are all touch based, and wood objects can be destroyed with a tap. Dragging them around can move some arrows. At times you have to be accurate in timing to remove blocks to let others collide. I found myself approaching levels with a trial and error methodology already in the second world of the game. As there are quite a lot of objects to interact with I have had trouble finding the solutions by just thinking. This might be my biggest gripe with the game. I have also some concerns with the wonky physics at play making Ed seem light as a feather without that much force being lost from him moving.

Retrying levels is common in A Pig’s Dreams, and for some weird reason the game doesn’t reset the current level instantly. It has to load for a while even on an iPhone 4S. Many aspects of the game feel unpolished, and loading times are far too long considering the simple graphics and one-screen levels.

As I mentioned above the presentation isn’t all that good, and I think it is quite boring. The different objects, and characters feel disconnected from the backgrounds. My first impression was that this game was just another of those cute animal physics puzzlers trying to cash in on successful franchises in that genre. After playing the game for a couple of weeks I have had to conclude that there are some good level design to be found, but most of the game feels like it has been done before. Moreover the weird story should translate into a more outrageous palette, and graphical style.

p2The strongest selling point for this game is the amount of gameplay you get for your dollar. With 75 levels, and a cool free flying bonus level this will last for quite a lot of hours. Game Center integration gives you the chance to compare scores with your friends.

A Pig’s Dreams is a frustrating trial and error experience set inside the mind of a drug induced dreaming pig. There are some challenging level designs, but also those that just need you to try and try again. To me the negative aspects are the loading times, unpolished and boring graphical style and failure to translate the story into something unique. A vast amount of levels on the other hand means that this is good physics puzzler value for your money.

Final Rating


A Pig’s Dreams $0.99
Version: 1.1.1
Seller: Marcos Borges

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