A ‘Mutant Storm’ is on its way to iOS (Video)

Ninth Ninja are hard at work porting Mutant Storm by Pompom Games to the iPad…

The game was originally released for the PC, Mac, and original XBox, and then later re-released and remastered for the XBox 360, under the guise of Mutant Storm Reloaded.

For those not in the know, Mutant Storm is a fast-paced, twitch-reaction, twin-stick shooter – and along with titles such as Geometry Wars, it made duel stick shooters fashionable.

The game utilises the same 3D engine as Pompom’s other iOS shooter port, 2011′s Space Tripper. That very engine allowed Space Tripper to perform at 60fps on all targeted hardware, and thus also allows Mutant Storm to do the same, all the while running many complicated shaders and lots of calculations per pixel. Plus, it even works well on the iPad1.

Andy Coates, formerly of True Axis and Jet Car Stunts fame, says: “It was a shame to throw away all that experience that went into making Pompom Games 3D engine run at a blistering pace, so I asked Miles Visman and Michael Michael for permission to do this… They called me mad and handed me the code – but unlike Space Tripper this project has been a dream so far”.

Mutant storm is now very playable with only the menus and online aspects to be finalised, it’s planned to be released some time in April or May. We’ll be getting hands-on with Mutant Storm at GDC in a few weeks, so stay tuned for our hands-on impressions. In the meantime check out the gameplay video below.


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  • Matt Dunn

    Loved this game on XBLA.

  • Anonymous

    I know I say this for a lot of games, but now I sincerely do mean it: Freakin’ insta-buy.