A Knights Dawn review

Evil is on the march, and you have to stop the hordes before all is lost. A small band of fearless heroes venture off to defend the kingdom. With swords, poisoned daggers, arrows and magic the summoned troops fight to the bitter end. This is the dawn of a knight in shiny armour.

A Knights Dawn is a castle defence game where the enemies move across the map using multiple paths. It is seen from a 2d perspective, and you have to place your units on set spots. The strategy is all about placing the correct unit at the correct spot at the correct time. Furthermore you have the choice of upgrading units, or making sure that all the placement spots are full.

img_0109The controls should be quite straightforward for this type of game. You tap a location to bring up the unit menu, select unit to purchase, done. To upgrade you tap a unit, and select either upgrade or sell. In the middle is the go back option. Too often the game registers my go back as sell, and my defences crumble. I have the same issues no matter if I play it on the iPad or the iPhone. The controls are twitchy, imprecise and overall I can’t trust them. Having to restart levels due to the game registering my tap far outside the sell button, as sell is really annoying.

There are only six levels in the game, but as the difficulty is high right from the start the game takes quite some time to finish. With several levels of difficulty it is also worth replaying levels to see if you are up to the challenge. Between levels you can upgrade different aspects of your army, but it takes several completed levels or replays to get enough to upgrade.

img_0110The presentation is really nice with deep hand drawn maps, and well animated units and foes. The main menu, and submenus are hard to get the hang of as they don’t have clear buttons. Instead the game uses objects, and touching outside options to go back. I found this a bit confusing. Some medieval flute music sets the tone, and the sound effects are really good with some nice battle cries.

Worth noting is that many users around forums, and on iTunes report problems even creating a profile on an iPad 2. I have not seen any of those issues on my iPad 2, but still I hope the game gets updated to allow customers to play the game they purchased.

bild3It is hard not to mention the obvious fact that A Knights Dawn is more or less a carbon copy of Defender Chronicles: Legend of the Desert King published by Chillingo. The gameplay is the same, but Defender Chronicles does it better and is one of the few games I have awarded five stars. If you are interested in castle defence games spanning multiple platforms it is far better to start with Defender Chronicles. If you have already beaten it then by all means get A Knights Dawn. It starts off challenging, and for veterans that is great.

A Knights Dawn is a great looking multiplatform castle defense game in the vein of Defender Chronicles. Poor twitchy controls, mundane story and a general lack of own identity draw the final rating down. It is still recommended to veterans of the genre, as it can be really challenging and the gameplay is solid.

Final Rating


A Knights Dawn $0.99 Universal
Version: 1.00
Seller: VisionaryX GmbH

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  • Nick Peterson

    Hi Torbjorn, nice honest review, we appreciate it, thought we should let you know that we have now published our first update, that takes care of several of the points you mentioned. It’s only a bug fix update, but we are already working on the next feature update.
    Best regards,
    The VisionaryX Team.

  • Gigglezluvzyou

    I really enjoy playing this game on endless mode but it really frustrates me how much this game crashes. I don’t know if it may be that the game can’t deal with the data being held when you get so far in endless mode but it’s very hard to enjoy it to its full extent when it crashes