A Doodle Fight Review

Are you one of those people who would doodle all over their homework, drawing little designs in the margins, or sprucing up the corners? If so, this game is for you!

A Doodle Fight (ADF) takes you into a world of warring drawings, as you take your avatar through the hand sculpted mayhem in this 1942 style ship shooter. You begin by choosing your ship, and if you don’t like the two they have supplied you, you can doodle your own! Yes, oh adolescent boy, that means you can have a flying penis assailing the clouds, stars, bi-planes, and other hazards trying to shoot you down. I shudder to think what this would be like if this game had an online mode… it would be like the crotch planets I ran into once playing spore.Giant Yellow Chick, I choose you!

I love the graphics in this game. everything looks hand drawn, and drawn with the talent of your average pre-teen, reminding me of my doodling talent around age 17. My first attempt at drawing a ship was a distinct failure. I discovered that I apparently can not draw an X-wing, the USS Enterprise, a car, or my own face. In any case, I finally drew something that I could live with and began the game. This shooter is set on a sheet of graph paper, and it all looks great.

Your ship will continuously fire until it dies, so you don’t have to worry about pressing a button repeatedly, and the only things you have to worry about is dragging to move and hitting the “bomb” button, which sends out a massive yellow chick which kills everything on the screen. Controls are easy to pick up and your ship has plenty of health to make up for it’s lack of maneuverability. as you take damage your damage output will decrease, so where you may have started with a spread shot with missiles and some extra pencil cannons, by the time you die you’ll be down to a simple forward-firing cannon.Die stars and clouds, die!!!

The later levels in ADF get pretty tough, mainly due to the sheer ammount of firepower being thrown at you. I’d have to use SuperChick to clear out the firepower just so I’d have a little breathing room. I have no screenies from late-game due to the fact that if I stopped dodging long enough to snap a pic I’d die. One thing I found out after dying many times is that ships don’t have a set hit box, if you draw a smaller ship, you’ll have a smaller hit box! This led me to draw my “nanoship” which is a ship no bigger then a pixel, making it much easier to move between shots. it’s still got a hitbox a bit bigger then the dot itself, however it’s not near as big as the full size ships.

Presentation & Graphics
I love the hand drawn style of this game. It’s a step off the beaten path, especially with the ability to draw your own ships!


In the way of sound we have Polka music in the background, some shooting noises which become quite repetitive after a while, and the noises you hear when you destroy an enemy. Soon all you hear is you shooting and enemies blowing up, both of which are fairly cheap sounds.

Gameplay is simple to learn but the game becomes quite difficult, and you must rely on your maneuvering skills to stay alive

Will last you a while, however once you beat the game there’s not much else to do but play again. This game uses Continues, and once you run out you must start over. This both gives a longer gamelife and shortens it, as you can’t just start again from that level as many times as you want, which can get frustrating.

Game Rating


A Doodle Fight is a very innovative game, full of fun doodle-filled shooting.  Unfortunately, there is not much to do other then beat the main game, which while challenging leaves something to be desired. At a mere .99, it’s definately worth picking up. There are new enemies to discover as you go and the art style throughout is just plain fun..

A Doodle Fight – .99

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