9 Innings Pro Baseball 2011 – Review

The Fall Classic is almost upon us and that means only one thing: baseball season is almost over. Will 9 Innings Pro Baseball keep you interested until spring training begins? Read on to find out.

A baseball game on an iPhone is no easy task. The sport itself is quite complicated and in order to have the right controls for it will proove to be a hard task, even for Com2Us. If you are a baseball fan you might have heard about them because of Homerun Battle 3D; an amazingly well done homerun derby game that never gets old. 9 Innings is a complete baseball game though, it is not just about hitting homeruns.

9innings2In this game you actually play with a specific team and you can chose from any of the thirty MLB teams. All the teams will have the updated roster as it was for this year (2010). So if you are a Yankee fan you will see the addition of Granderson, Nick Johnson, etc. The same goes for the rest of the teams.

The gameplay itself though, is where it falls a little bit flat. All you will see yourself doing is pitching, where you will chose the pitch and the location of the ball. There is also the ability to field, but not entirely and that definitely killed it for me. While fielding you will only be able to throw the ball to whatever base you want to throw it to, but you won’t actually “field” the ball; that is done automatically by the computer. The same thing, in a way, goes for batting. All the player has to do is swing the bat; you won’t need to look for the ball or anything. It is just about timing and that is it. Which is a real shame because I think the batting system for Homerun Battle was just amazing.

The cool thing about the game is that you will have different achievements that you can do over and over again and they will reward you with points. Examples of these achievements are: striking out a batter with just three balls, hitting a home run, hitting a double, hitting with four guys in a row, etc. You will be able to spend the points you receive from this achievements on your baseball player’s cards. What this will do is “level up” your player, and make him stronger/faster and just more agile as a whole. In the end, it will make your already strong team, even stronger.

9innings3The graphics fell aren’t too fancy either. They are a little bit cartoonish and honestly, they aren’t really that great in my opinion. Again, Homerun Battle had cartoonish graphics but it still looked pretty good. You will also hear familiar sounds from Homerun Battle in this game, like the music and other little stuff.

All in all it is a cool baseball game, but it feels like it can be improved so much that I just can’t find myself recommending it. I am sure, as talented as Com2us are, we should expect a way better version of this game in the near future.


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