3D Constructo Combat Review

Review by Matt Dunn

I enjoy playing unique games on the iPhone. What I enjoy more, is unique games that pull of a new 3D engine. 3D Constructo Combat is a game unlike anything you’ve played before… but is that a good thing?

At first I thought the title of this game was odd, but now it makes perfect sense. 3D Constructo Combat is a game that puts you in a battle with your AI component to build structures, all the while trying to destroy/keep him from building his own buildings. You do this with four different projectile weapons to disable the opponent’s craft, and 2 different bomb weapons to destroy finished buildings.

The game features standard tilt control, which overall works well. You don’t need to worry about altitude control, as the game decides that for you. You tab the screen to use your grapple to pickup both building parts and weapons. You tap again to either construct your building or fire the weapon. The game auto-locks on to building areas or your enemy depending on what kind of item you are carrying. This was a great idea, and really helps streamline the gameplay.

Although a bit plain, the graphics engine is solid. No lag issues here! Your ship rotates around as you over over the level, which looks good, and explosions are just standard sprites. The levels have a nice variety, ranging from a standard city, to farms, to medieval times, and more. The music quality is actually pretty low, but the songs are good, and change depending on the level theme. Sound effects themselves are good enough.

This is one of those games that is screaming for wi-fi multiplayer, as in general the AI is far too easy to beat (I didn’t lose one game). There are couple more challenging levels towards the end that have you trying to defend your remaining building from getting bumbed, but the game is over very casual. There is a high score list, but you can’t input your name, and it is only local. The game does do a great job of saving when you exit or are interrupted.

Presentation & Graphics

Graphics engine is solid, and there is a nice variety to the 10 levels. Wish the textures were higher res though, and maybe some more map artifacts to steer around. Even with the different themes, the levels themselves are a bit on the bland side.


Great music and descent sound effects are unfortunately marred by low quality. Not too much, but enough to notice during gameplay.


Game play is really easy to pick up, and control is very easy. Unfortunately, there is no way to calibrate the accelerometer to play comfortably. The gameplay itself is definitely entertaining, and certainly a new experience for 99.9% of the people who play it. Really could have used a difficulty option for the opponents though, as it’s generally just too easy.

Game life:

The itunes store shows this game to have 10 levels, but it feels like more, so maybe more have been added? Either way, when played off and on, you’ll get a decent amount of time with this game. However, it needs multiplayer, BADLY. Without it, there isn’t a huge reason to come back to the game when you’re done.

Game rating:

Final word:

3D Constructo Combat is a unique and fun game for the iPhone. It attempts a new type of gameplay on a custom graphics engine, and it does a good job at it. It’s a shame to see a game like this lacking multiplayer, when it seems to have been built with duels in mind. It’s also a shame that there’s no way to control AI difficulty, or add extra components. Despite low sound quality, fairly drab environments, and not much replay value, Constructo Combat will entertain you enough, and is well worth it’s current 99 cent price tag.

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