1112 Episode One Review

By: Pat Dunn

11121112 is game based on wits, creativity, and lots and lots of patience.  Being the first episode released, 1112 is only a taste of the insanely difficult gameplay to come.  Should you buy it? Read the review and decide for yourself.

Louis1112 is a point and click type of game which incorporates difficult puzzles which really make the player think hard about what to do.  The game is based on a man named Louis Everett, who unmistakably resembles Johnny Depp.  The point of the game is to help Louis find a reason and a cure for his reoccurring headaches and strange dreams.  Playing as the stubborn Everett, the player will encounter many difficult puzzles as well as many different people such as Everett’s wife  Anna.

Whether it is taking pills or fixing a water heater, the games puzzles are sure to baffle and even upset the most cunning players.  Anyone who plays will have that “Ohhh that was so simple!” thought running through their minds after they solve a puzzle.  I did.  The game’s point and click design is an excellent use of the iPhone’s touch screen and some puzzles even use the iPhone’s accelerometer.  This game also has a “how to play” section which greatly helps new players learn and pick up the game.  Before this was released, everyone here at iPGN was beating their brains out trying to learn how to do simple things like looking through inventory.

InventorySpeaking of inventory, 1112 has a very unique and well animated inventory of items.  Any item found can be viewed in an awesome 3-D, fully movable screen.  Items can also be interacted with in the inventory and some items can be used with other items.  When trying to take pills, I rotated the pill bottle in my inventory, clicked on the pills, and relieved my headache!  So simple yet so hard.  Another few impressive things with 1112 are the map and the saving.  The map is an overhead view of where you are.  For example, when in the house, the map shows all of the places you have been such as the kitchen or the bathroom, and all places can be accessed from anywhere by double clicking the room.  The games save feature is also impressive because it allows multiple people to play on the same phone without erasing another’s game.  A massive 6 save slots allow for extra saving as well.  The game also has a “free typing” system which allows the player to talk with people by typing in what he/she wants.  Unfortunately, it is hard to type something that the game actually knows.  But when you find one, it is oftentimes helpful.

Map1112 offers some impressive graphics and visuals to the game.  Once a new game is started, a very well done and impressive video is shown which is a foreshadow of what is really going on with Louis.  With an almost picture like visual world, the game doesn’t have to many moving things but the things that do move, such as inventory, look marvelous.  Whether it is a bottle of pills or a cell phone, the game definitely shows PSP like (or better) graphics.

Presentation & Graphics

With little to animate, 1112 can not receive a 5 star.  However it definitely delivers some awesome visuals and a very impressive 3-D inventory.  Even the “picture” backgrounds sometimes move and have a very clean, painted look. Overall, this game is very impressive graphically.


1112 offers some nice relaxing music to play too which is surprisingly good.  Instead of getting annoyed and turning the music off, I actually enjoy it.  Also, a stereo in your room allows you to change the songs.  However, many songs are simply loops which can sometimes be noticeable.  Other sound effects like closing a door or turning on water all sound great


Very difficult and sometimes frustrating, 1112 can often defer a player from continuing to play.  After solving a hard puzzle, I was reluctant to start another one!  However, if you like a real challenge, this game is awesome.

Game life:

Unfortunately, after beating this difficult game, the replay value is minimal.  The only thing giving this game a 3 star is the fact that it is episode one.  Since this is only episode one, more episodes may cause hardcore puzzle gamers to come back for more.

Game rating:

Final word:
Although difficult and challenging, 1112 is a very impressive and well made game.  It carries a hefty $7.99 price tag for one episode but it is a very good game as far as puzzle/interactive games go.  Very good for hardcore thinkers, not so good for the kids or anyone who likes their sanity.  Lucky for you readers, I’m insane

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  • iPGN-Dave

    Too hard, brain to small to play.. dave no like

  • Dom Feeney

    Didn’t think you did reviews any more Pat? Heh :)

    This sounds a bit hard for my see enemy shoot enemy kill enemy or drive really fast gaming mentality so I think I’m gonna pass.

    Good review though

    Dom Feeney

  • Syl

    I have the game, it’s not as hard as the review says, (well I was blocked with the 3D medication for a while myself, but that’s all)
    Personnally I think there are enough animation to give it a 5 star , musics were a lot better than average iphone game as well.
    I loved the game, there is a lot of funny text as too.
    Only problem for me is the length (I finished it in 4hour)

    Syl from germany

  • sam

    toooo hard i couldnt finish the lite version of it without looking on the internet for walkthroughs (in Dave’s words -”sam no like”)

  • sam

    by the way i think that “Sly on Sun” is crazy. theres no way he could have finished it in 4 hours

  • )Zain

    Pls tell me. How to play this game I m stuck in begining…..don’t know what to do in start

  • Adventure Lover

    For me 1112 is the best iphone game so far, forget about Myst etc. This is adventure gaming at it´s best. Funny, mysterious, nice puzzles. Graphics are great, too.

    The point of an adventure game IS to get stuck sometimes. But keep on. I got stuck many times in the beginning, until I discovered that all puzzles can be solved easily if you just think about what YOU would have done, if you were in the main characters shoes. It´s that simple.

    But when will they release part 2. Can´t wait.

  • shastacat

    I am still stuck on the first part ,but won’t give up. The visuals are captivating and the sounds bring me into the game. I luckily only had to pay 0.99 for the game. I always wait before getting it because I had few games that the price dropped right after I bought it. Anyways this game is really stunning and if you can get through it I am sure that its gets better.

  • Claudius

    Just played it today. It’s an awesome game. But it’s frustrating how fast this episode ends… I was expecting at least 20 hours of game play. However, I’ll definitely get the next episodes, if they ever release any.

  • knuckleheadjones

    This game looked great, had wonderful sound, and what I think is a pretty cool ‘theme song’.

    The gameplay was ridiculously bad. Options were given to manipulate objects which no one would seek to do, and then when you clicked it the character wouldn’t do it anyway. All those distractions took away from developing a good story. I’d advise the 1112 developers to look at the Sierra games of the 80s and 90s. Puzzles just DO NOT need to be so confusing. It is distracting.

    As far as I can tell, the background storyline was actually compelling. So instead of distracting the player with stupid options that aren’t possible, how about moving the story along and coming up with puzzles that genuinely advance the game.

    My solution: the gamers should take storywriting classes. The images look good enough already.

  • dee

    tried yesterday & i’m stucked in the bathroom. nothing to do there, dont know how to get out also

  • alterboyz

    it’s hard to play and i don’t know where are ANNA’s account book and the key !!!!! pls help me if u know where they are!!!!