10000000 Review

10000000? That’s a whole lot of zeros!

10000000 is the very epitome of a hybrid game. It seamlessly blends an RPG, dungeon crawler, match three puzzler, and endless runner in a way that does not feel at all forced. Instead, it feels like a combination that should have existed all along. It’s always impressive when a game can take multiple genres that on their own are kind of stale and mash them up in a way that feels new and exciting.

In 10000000, you have to play through nearly limitless dungeons in order to escape from the room in which you are trapped. You make it through to dungeons via a combination of match three puzzles and leveling up your character to make him able to handle the challenges ahead.

Once in a dungeon, the top part of the screen will have your character running forward. The bottom part of the screen is where the puzzle action happens. You have to try and match the correct type of thing for the encounter that your character is facing. If you come up against a monster, you need to match attack tiles. If you come up against a door, you will need to focus your efforts on matching keys. This requires strategy and planning that adds a new layer to matching.

Speaking of changes to matching, this game actually takes a while to get used to because of the different way it handles the mechanic. Instead of only being able to move your pieces one slot, you move entire rows. This means that you can match a piece that is on the other side of the screen. This also means that some moves that would be possible in a standard match three are not in this game. This new mechanic helps keep the game feeling fresh and exciting.

Every now and then the controls felt a little wonky during the puzzles. If you happen to try to slide right between two rows nothing will happen, and this can lead to death in a game as frantic and fast-paced as 10000000. Still, these issues did not happen regularly, and it did not detract from my enjoyment of the game too much.

As you play you will collect wood, stone, money, and experience. These are all necessary for you to improve your character’s skills. You will reach a point where you cannot complete the challenges because your character is too weak. When this happens, you will have to bang your head against the dungeon until you become strong enough to complete it.

I love the art and music in 10000000. Everything has that 8-bit look and feel, and I found that it fits quite well with the game. The music is beautifully executed, and even though there are not many songs in the soundtrack, I never found myself bored with it, even after many hours of play.

I absolutely fell in love with 10000000. It seamlessly blends multiple genres in a way I have not seen since PuzzleQuest. It has a tastefully executed 8-bit music and art style that is a joy. Other than a couple of small control issues, this game is nearly perfect and I have no problem recommending it to anyone.

10000000 is available for $1.99 as a universal app. Get it on the App Store.

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  • Torbjorn Kamblad

    My wife got absolutely lost in this game, and wouldn’t talk to me for hours. It is really addictive, beware or you might be a sad partner to someone in need of an intervention.

  • Max

    My score stop at 9,790,582 and never increase. I’ll never get back my freedom no matter how hard I fight through the dungeons. I won’t bother to wake up from the bed anymore.