100 Rogues review

Death is certain, it is all about how long you endure the punishment. Hunger, poisonous creatures and flying diapered babies are all out to get the best of you. No matter if you are a hunky crusader or a frail wizard everyone wants you dead. To your aid you have your cunning, magic and will to live.

100 Rogues is a classic rogue game where you choose either a wizard or a crusader, and try to get as far as possible in the randomly generated dungeons. The game is turn based where you take turns attacking or moving. This makes the game highly enjoyable as a portable game. You make a move in the game, and take another step forward in line at the fast food joint.

img_1290For the most part the controls work really well. Tap in the direction you want your rogue to move, and tap the attack button to attack. Ranged attacks lets you choose among viable targets. Tapping the rogue gives you the magic menu, and this lets you unleash special powers or heal yourself. Too many times this menu comes up when I try to simply attack or move next to the character. A skip turn button is also available, and rather handy to lure enemies into narrow passages. This is perhaps the simplest tactic available, but if you manage to get a line of creatures in a corridor you can hack away at them one at a time.

The game has no story, and that is kind of the point to it. Instead you travel deeper down in dungeons fighting bigger bosses. Finding cool weapons and gear motivates progression. As the rogue gets hungry, and perish if not feed properly exploration is not a priority. You can find food, and at times you have to eat rotten food that decreases power to instead get a full tummy. There are also the odd shop to be found, but generally you have too little money to get anything useful. I would like to be able to trade, and have more than six different objects to choose from in the shops.

img_1309The presentation of 100 Rogues is retro with cool pixel art. The different enemies are more imaginative the further you progress. The music, and sound effects are also old school giving a nice vibe to the game. As the game is a universal application it works wonders on the iPad as well.

Beside the easy, and normal game modes you get a bunch of really hard challenges. The easy mode lets you play the first five dungeons, and square off against a boss before it ends. The normal mode is all about getting as far as possible, and it is hard as nails. I generally die because of hunger when using the crusader. Replaying to get further is fun, as the game generates new maps. Getting a better score is not my motivation, but rather to beat more enemies to a pulp. The latest update includes Game Center achievements as well.

There are quite a few rogue games out there, and 100 Rogues is not the best according to me. I still hold Sword of Fargoal as the king of dungeon crawling rogue games. 100 Rogues is definitely worth getting even if you have all other available rogue games. It has an own identity, and approach the game formula with quite a lot of humour. I also like the fact that the game is played in portrait mode, as it gives better grip on the phone when out walking. Definitely a game worth considering if you want to get into some doomed dungeon crawling with a strategic twist.

Final Rating


100 Rogues $4.99 Universal
Version: 1.08
Seller: Fusion Reactions
Tested on an iPhone 4.

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